The Day in Spain #25


  • Pedro Sanchez’s critics resign en masse from the party’s board to force the secretary general out of the leadership. Sanchez has cancelled a scheduled TV interview he had tonight, but it’s still unclear whether he’ll step down. According to internal rules, if more than half of the 38 strong board resign, a technical management board takes over. The critics are counting on two previous unrelated resignations and a board member who passed away. Walder Frey, you’re an amateur.
Pedro Sanchez walking into PSOE's headquarters today
Pedro Sanchez walking into PSOE’s headquarters today
  • Former socialist PM Felipe González wants Rajoy to rule, says Sanchez disappointed him. In the same interview, he cryptically said that PSOE never had such bad results in the Basque Country “after the things we did there”. Was he referring to State sponsored torture, murder and terrorism?

Catalan independence process

  • Catalan PM Carles Puigdemont expected to file a request with the central government for the celebration of an independence referendum. Central government not expected to reply.