Where’s the fire? Or how I feel taking difficult editorial decisions

There has been a terrible fire going on in La Palma, one the Canary Islands, for the last few days. When I say terrible, I mean that there’s one dead, and thousands of evacuated people. And it looks like this.


For the last two days, I’ve been struggling to decide whether to include the headlines about the fire in The Day in Spain, or whether I should leave it out, as it’s been an incredibly hard week. I left it out. And now I’m not so sure I should have.

This is not a general news site. There’s tons of excellent media outlets that can take care of that faster, wider and cleaner than me. I try to make an interpretation of whatever happens in Spain, in the hope that, at some point, commissioning editors that need my knowledge will start knocking at my door.

Obviously, the fire in La Palma doesn’t need much interpretation. It’s a wildfire. Human caused, by the way. By a guy who took a dump in the woods and decided it was a good idea to burn the toilet paper. German dude. Not sure if he lives there or is a tourist. Not that his nationality is important, but just wanted to add that to avoid sterotypes about the local population. Anyway, he’s in police custody now.

So I decided that, because the fire needed no interpretation, I would leave it out. And I did. But when that person died, and when I heard it was human caused, and when I heard about the thousands of displaced people, I started to think… maybe some news just deserve to be mentioned. Just for the sake of it, for no reason except the pure ethic of mentioning it.

I’ll see to be more flexible and follow my gut instinct more, next time.

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