Where’s the fire? Or how I feel taking difficult editorial decisions

There has been a terrible fire going on in La Palma, one the Canary Islands, for the last few days. When I say terrible, I mean that there’s one dead, and thousands of evacuated people. And it looks like this.


For the last two days, I’ve been struggling to decide whether to include the headlines about the fire in The Day in Spain, or whether I should leave it out, as it’s been an incredibly hard week. I left it out. And now I’m not so sure I should have.



Breaking: Podemos and PSOE in alternative government talks

Breaking: Podemos and PSOE in alternative government talks

Podemos Secretary for Policy and Strategy, Íñigo Errejón, has revealed in a TV interview that his party and PSOE have considered the possibility to attempt a government deal if Mariano Rajoy fails to be re-elected. However, Errejón has confirmed that it’s Rajoy’s turn to try, and that formal negotiations would only take place after he fails to obtain support at a confidence debate.



The Day in Spain #6