The Day in Spain #4




Ciudadanos maintains abstention vote in Rajoy’s re-election, offers support to PP in key economic bills

Albert Rivera, the leader of centre-right party Ciudadanos, has confirmed that his party will not oppose to Rajoy’s second term. Instead, Rivera’s 30 MPs will abstain in the second round of the confidence debate, which has not been scheduled yet. Rivera spoke to the press after meeting with incumbent PM this morning.

The leader of Ciudadanos also said that his party is open to negotiate its support to Rajoy in special cases, such as to approve the National Budget. The deadline to pass the budget law is September 30.

PM Mariano Rajoy was optimistic after the meeting, and said that, at least, he has someone to negotiate with. The Prime Minister said that this was the “first step in a long walk”.

Why does nobody want to get near Rajoy?

PP had suffered a total blockade by the rest of the parties since the elections on 20 December 2015. Widespread corruption in his party is the main problem for other parties to deal with Rajoy. Several senior PP officers have been indicted in corruption cases. The party itself is indicted for destroying evidence and hindering police work. National media published recordings where the incumbent Interior Minister, Jorge Fernández Díaz, could be heard allegedly constructing corruption cases against political opponents (particularly pro-independence Catalan politicians).

Ciudadanos, which initiated the electoral campaign before the December elections saying it wouldn’t support neither PSOE or PP, has already changed its vote intention several times. It wouldn’t be too hard to suppose that they could end up supporting Rajoy. However, even in that case, the incumbent PM would need PSOE’s abstention or the support of nationalist groups, which seems unlikely. At the moment, analists and public opinion coincide that a 3rd round of elections is the most likely scenario.


Almost half of the women murdered by their partners in Spain this year had previously denounced their killers

A survey published yesterday by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality, reveals that 44.4% of the women murdered by their partners or ex-partners, had previously contacted the police to denounce them. Of the 27 women killed by chauvinists this year, 12 had filed a denounce.

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